The city committee is made up the members of eleven neighborhood-level ward committees across Cambridge.

Ward 1 (East Cambridge); Joseph Aiello, Chair

Ward 2 (MIT and Area 4); Francisco Proskauer, Chair

Ward 3 (Inman Square); Frank Gerratana, Chair

Ward 4 (Riverside); Sherry Hall, Chair

Ward 5 (Cambridgeport); Colleen Clark and Paul Vermouth, Co-Chairs

Ward 6 (Mid-Cambridge); Lesley Phillips, Chair

Ward 7 (Agassiz-Baldwin); Elizabeth Baldwin and George Pillsbury, Co-Chairs

Ward 8 (Harvard Square); Warren Behr, Chair

Ward 9 (West Cambridge); Maura Pensak, Chair

Ward 10 (Porter Square); Margaret Levin and Ruth Ryals, Co-Chairs

Ward 11 (North Cambridge); Joel Patterson, Chair

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